21 December 2013

Walker, and more …

Natacha Roussel and Pieter Heremans are advancing well on their project and thought good to open it up :

x-Bee mesh network =⇒ text to speech.

Pietr has done a set up xBee/minibee/raspberry pi X 3 wich turn “ratts” (the librairies used by Nicolas d'alessandro in speech synthesys) We can now play sending and receiving data to and from Raspi's, and through a Pure Data patch to play with the vocal elements, modify parameters of the speach rythm, stress, etc… a little présentation over the xbee network ; RF communication and applied usage of the text to speech librairies in pure data

Also for those that want it, we'll do a little wrap up of the year, and a discussion for future plans, as the Variable space will end up this summer. (but we are preparing the next stage… )

*workshop : 13h-18h*

please register

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