29 june 2013

→ 13h/18h

PureData for Tablet and other Mobile Platforms

During this session we'll look at different tools available to use puredata with a mobile platform with iOS or Android.
First we'll quickly explore several customisable GUI apps to connect with puredata on your computer and the protocol they use (OSC - Midi / Serial - Bluetooth - wifi ), to develop your own interfaces
f.ex :
Control (OSC-Midi) ; TouchOSC ; Fantastik ; …

Then we'll discover how to directly embed patches within a mobile app.
with the libpd core library and frameworks like DroidParty/iOSParty or OpenFrameworks to generate an interface.

Yacine Sebti will come to share his experience in the matter.

bring your own device (android or iOS) to patch on, (and your earplug if you are willing to play with sound)

free and open for anyone,

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