9 September 2012

workshop 14:00

BBQ 19:00

presentation ~21:00

For this first meeting, we'll start with an afternoon of tinkering with the first bits of the installation in the space, with basic setup and patching, and Olivier Heinry, in a session with the demonstration of how to control a rotary mirror to stir the light of a projector CYSP2. One light bending machine will be made for the house, to play with in the future. followed by the BBQ organized for the house, and a more formal presentation of the patching circles and pure-data software and projects to the public coming over.

acces is free but please register at pdcircles@ogeem.be

some detailled explanation on the hardware mounting the metal frame  one-axis-one-day-of-work replica with arduino and DIY optical mirror for the variable space  CYSP2 current mirror system  under the hood : the maker board

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